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17 Mar 2011
TASM handling of procedures with many statements or loops

We're having issues with how TASM treats procedure calls. When our "nightly" batch runs into office hours, we have throttles on how many concurrent "Medium" and "Long" queries can be run at the same time. This works fine for most jobs, as the latest jobs gets put in the delay queue until there is "available slots" in the correct WD...
The problem is with procedures with either many statements within it, our some kind of looping, and the fact that each statement gets classified by itself. If a procedure contains a loop that runs through 100 times, we risk that 1 procedure call gets placed in the delay queue a 100 times...
Is there any way I can set up a classification rule in the TASM portlet that treats 1 procedure call as 1 query (i.e. gets classified once)? I realize that this must thought through so we don't "trick" TASM into letting to much work onto the database, but still I'd like the possibility to treat 1 procedure as 1 query, with regards to the delay queue...

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
21 Mar 2011

Per the TASM architect:

They can classify on stored procedure and put the throttle on that. Then every instance of the SP is throttled as a whole. If within that it submits some medium, some high priority work that he wants to run in different wds, he could additionally create 2 more workloads for high and medium and not put throttles on them. If he puts throttles on medium and high, he will have the issue that he mentions today.

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