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marcmc 112 posts Joined 12/05
19 Jan 2007
Source Control for warehouse programs

Hi,We are designing a process that will generate each object in our warehouse as a text file.We then plan to add these objects to Visual Source Safe.What objects scripting methods and source control solutions are favoured by organisations you may have experienced? Is there a favoured appraoch or source control tool?Thanks in advance.marc.

rkeith01 4 posts Joined 10/05
19 Jan 2007

If this is on UNIX...I've been around a couple version controlled shops and the best shop that I was in, for version control, used RCS. This was a shop that basically one developer worked on a piece of code @ a time, no branching necessary, but I believe that RCS can do this fairly easy if need be. It's simple & text based just to name the obivous features/benefits. Simple in the commands are fairly intuitive from the command line on UNIX, and simple in the operation aspect. Text based is a nice benefit, if for some reason the version should become corrupt it can be revived from the version control .02$ though..

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