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Rob88 2 posts Joined 06/06
27 Jun 2006
Someone end this argument please

My colleague says that in a TerraData all the data should be kept in TNF and any reports/models should be modelled directly over this.I say that there needs to be a logical layer that creates a business oriented view of the data. Made up of tables and views within the teradata database.Anyone have any comments?

kathyk 3 posts Joined 07/04
30 Jun 2006

Get a copy of this report from Gartner "The 'Star With Third-Normal-Form' Hybrid Is a Data Warehouse Best Practice"."What You Need to Know: Data warehouse implementers, architects, modelers and database administrators should deploy the hybrid warehouse to serve the entire spectrum of the data warehouse service-level agreement. Isolating on only third-normal-form approaches or only star schema approaches will limit the warehouse's usefulness, shorten its life cycle and decrease the total value delivered to the business."

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