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ramya123 13 posts Joined 11/11
05 Jan 2012
Report file option in Teradata connector stage


In (Datastage) Teradata connector satge do we have an option like "Report file " as in  Teradata multiload stage ?





ramya123 13 posts Joined 11/11
22 Jan 2012

Use below environment variables in your project

1. CC_MSG_LEVEL=2 : Turns on debugging output in the Director job log, displaysproperty values, generated SQL

2. CC_MSG_LEVEL=1 : Full trace of the connector method calls

3. CC_TERA_DEBUG=1 and CC_MSG_LEVEL=2 :Dump of the CLIv2 structures after each call to the Teradata client

4. CC_TERA_DEBUG=4: Turns on the Parallel Transporter’s trace output

Log will be written to a filename beginning with “TD_TRACE_OUTPUT” in the project directory

Diecorp 14 posts Joined 06/12
01 Aug 2012

Hi, ramya123

I have a question, what must to be the content for TD_TRACE_OUTPUT, a path?, a filename?

This environment variable will contain the execution log of the job?


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