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teratarun 7 posts Joined 08/06
25 Aug 2006
problem in mload

when I trying to run my mload scrip in command prompt it shows me error like********2583 worktable missing for databse.tablename during mload*****

leo.issac 184 posts Joined 07/06
26 Aug 2006

Can you try specifying worktables in your script and check if you get the same error message.I hope we can mentione worktable names explicitly in mload scripts.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
27 Aug 2006

Possible reasons might be:- someone dropped the worktable - you specified the wrong name during a restart- a previous MLoad was cancelled without RELEASE MLOAD...From the messages manual:2583 %VSTR is missing for %DBID.%TVMIDduring MLoad restart.Explanation: WorkTable or Error table is missingduring restart.Generated By: STPEBEFor Whom: User.Remedy: Drop the existing worktable and error tablesof the MLoad job. If the error is diagnosed before theend of the acquisition phase, issue the RELEASEMLOAD statement on the MLoad target tables. Otherwise,the target tables should be dropped. Finally,restart the MLoad job.Dieter


rakesh bhamare 5 posts Joined 08/06
28 Dec 2006

Make sure u have access to create table. for grant create table execute following query.grant create table on "Database Name " to "User Name".

koti 3 posts Joined 11/06
26 Jan 2007

Make sure the table is not locked by previous mload.If it is then execute the following statements and Try running mload again.drop table error_table1drop table log_tabledrop table work_tabledrop table error_table2release mload table_name

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