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kondalmrao 8 posts Joined 02/05
23 Dec 2008
Problem after ARCMAIN import

Hello experts,We have received an arcmain dump(of only table definitions of all tables expect DBC) from one of our teradata servers. We have imported the same into our dev environment. For the first time, the import has failed as one of the databases has too little permanent space even to create empty tables. and later, once we allocated the space, we re-ran the job and it was successful. But, we are not able to access any table and we are getting the following error. "2654: Operation not allowed: is being restored."Below is one of the sample scripts that we have used. (we have imported around 10000+ objects with a similar query)LOGON dbc/userid,password;COPY DICTIONARY TABLE (database.tablename) (FROM (database.tablename)),RELEASE LOCK,FILE=BKP ;LOGOFF;Has anyone faced this issue before? Let me know what could be the potential problem. Appreciate your help in this and thanks in advance.RegardsKondal

lateshpant 16 posts Joined 01/08
24 Dec 2008

Probably there is a stale lock ( may be left over due to the copy failed the first time)Try explicitly releasing the lock....

vikram.kishore 2 posts Joined 12/08
25 Dec 2008

Hello Kondal ,you need to build the DB objects in order to access is the sample build sript in arcmain.LOGON dbc/userid,password;BUILD DATA TABLE (database.tablename) ;Hope it works ...regardsvikram

teradatauser2 236 posts Joined 04/12
14 Oct 2012

I did a dictionary archieve of a table and then did a restore
COPY dictionary tables
( )   (from  (,
I was able to do a show on the table.
When i do a sel * from, i get error  : "2654: Operation not allowed: is being restored."
Then, i did a build table
. Now, when a do a show table or a sel * from, the query goes for a toss, it just keeps on executing (then i abort it). Even a explain goes for a toss, keeps on executing and doesn;t show any result.
Other tables in db2 are accessible.

teradatauser2 236 posts Joined 04/12
15 Oct 2012

Hi Everybody,
Thre is no reply on this yet ..could anyone help me here

teradatauser2 236 posts Joined 04/12
18 Oct 2012

use this, this works..

release lock;

597536 2 posts Joined 12/13
19 Nov 2015

Hi Dear,
If you are running any ARCMAIN jobs and it gets failed/aborted, then you must have to release HUT(Host Utility) Lock . Please find the below systnax
Post releasing lock , please start copying data/dictionary. Hope this will help.
Mohd Faizan

Thanks & Regards
Mohd Faizan Ahmad
Teradata Developer

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