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dngrlfriday 9 posts Joined 03/11
21 Apr 2011
NetBackup with Tara hung table

Having a problem with backups. Using NetBackup with TARA. Last 4 nights the backup has hung on the same table for 2 hours, causing us to have to abort the job. Entire system backup usually take 40 minutes. The backup is done in 3 streams and streams 1 and 2 always complete fine and stream 3 gets hung on the same table each night. Any ideas?

dngrlfriday 9 posts Joined 03/11
29 Apr 2011

Found the problem. The drive had run out of tapes. There is no really good way to find this out oddly enough. You can see it on a multistream job once one stream hits the max time and aborts, it loads a tape at that point for one of the other streams. Problem was difficult to find, but solution was easy enough.

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