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hrmikwen 16 posts Joined 11/09
09 Feb 2010
Needing Master Data Management advice

Hello,Thanks again for all of your support on the forum. Already interested in different open source offers for data quality, we would be interested in a similar field. We are thinking about Master Data Management software to complete our existing software. Would you know of open source MDM software? Thanks for your help.

fjkalbente 11 posts Joined 10/09
12 Feb 2010

You can look at different offers for Master Data Management. If you would like to use both data quality and Master Data Management software, I would recommend you use Talend as they have both tools to use. They are for the community: to download for free and open source. There are other MDM solutions on the market but when you consider other solutions, this option seems to be the stablest.

pabbaskhan 9 posts Joined 02/11
20 May 2011


I need TERADATA MDM software and training materials. and if you have any DBA materials please send me. is mail id.

+91 973 88 786 14

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