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rlaskar 18 posts Joined 03/06
01 May 2006
Need to fire 1000 different SQL statements and verify results automatically

Hi,I have some 1000 SQL statements which I have written based on different logic. Now I need to run those scripts and verify results againse DB. I can manually run all scripts and verify the results manually against DB.I need some idea or information if these can be done more efficiently by some sorts of automation or any such tool. If anyone came with such situation then please pass me the information.Thanks,rlaskar

trying_to_learn 14 posts Joined 08/06
07 Aug 2006

rlaskar: To my knowledge, there are two ways you can automate.1: Type in all your SQL statements in SQL Assistant. Got to Teradata SQL Assistant's Menu > File > Export Results option. After selecting the option hit F5 function key (or run the SQL). It will ask for enter a file name to save the output. (if you are using Teradata version, go to Tools > options > Export/Import tab and select appropriate options to write the output).2: Type all your SQL statements in BTEQ script and execute the BTEQ script. Divert your output using a nohup statement.

DiEgoR 33 posts Joined 08/06
12 Aug 2006

I am not entirely clear what do you mean by verifying results against DB, but if the only thing you need is to compare the results against some fixed values, you could use the and do it in Excel.

input output putput

leo.issac 184 posts Joined 07/06
26 Aug 2006

As suggested by Mr.Shastry, you can either use SQL assistant's export option or re-direct the out while running the BTEQ script.One other way is to use BTEQ's .Export command.You have several modes in which BTEQ transfer the output to destination file.

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