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magickarle 1 post Joined 10/08
15 Oct 2008
Need help to create table through ms access 2007

Hi, I would like to use MS access 2007 through ODBC Teradata 3.05.I'm having a problem to insert date format:It gives me ODBC call failedNCR ODBC Teradata Driver Teradata Database Number of fractional digits out of range #-5401.My date column is named HireDate and the data is on excel.I've linked the xls file as a linked table to access.The Data Type is Date/Time and format id DD/MM/YY.I reformatted it to YY/MM/DD and same error.Any suggestion/help would be appreciated.Thank you

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
18 Oct 2008

Check the help file regarding the "Custom Options" for MS Access compatibility at the bottom of the ODBC Configuration / Options / Advanced dialog.

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