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robinj 1 post Joined 01/07
31 Jan 2007
Need A Career Switch to Data WireHousing

Hi Gurus,I am not sure if this is the right place to put a query like this.Please redirect me to proper place if this is not the correct place.I am a newbie in this discussion forum. I have a good experience experience in mainframe.I have a very good knowledge and expertise in relational database DB2.I want to completely switch my career to Data Wirehousing and at this point of time really dont know what how to proceed with??I am employed and still work for large legacy application on mainframe.I believe i should justify myself infront of the people who are going to give me an opportunity to work for them in Data Wirehousing.Any certification any specific tool need to be learend??At at this juncture of time I need to get some direction from u guys.Please suggest.Thanks!

RGlass 35 posts Joined 09/04
01 Feb 2007

Yes there is a training topic below this one.A good place to start is the Certification information on,also provides lots of materials.

aravind-3019 39 posts Joined 08/06
02 Feb 2007

Hi,I feel that good way is to use your mainframe knowledge in working in Data warhousing projects whcih migrate data from mainframes or use mainframes as a Source.You can work initially in the migration part and slowly learning the ETL process.It will not be tough to learn ETL,if we have any RDBMS knowledge.Only Certifications will not help you to get into a particular job.--Regards,Aravind

textures21 12 posts Joined 01/05
05 Feb 2007

Teradata Professional Services has so many openings it's ridiculous.. and many of them are now entry level. That's another option.-pt

18 Feb 2007

One approach is to try and become a data warehouse expert without getting the chance to work on those type of projects through self-education and learning. This still doesn't guarantee a job. Another approach is to just get lucky and to work in your field of expertise at a workplace that does data warehousing in the hope of being moved sideways into those type of projects. A consulting company is an example of an employer that moves people between technologies.Another approach is to leverage your existing skills to get a role on a data warehouse project. Since your skills are with DB2 on the mainframe you should be looking for jobs with DB2 mainframe data warehouse projects. See this blog post from Willie Favero: Would you put a datawarehouse on the mainframe for a discussion of this architecture.

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