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15 Feb 2008
How to handle %rowtype(oracle) in teradata

A SAMPLE CODE IS GIVEN.DECLARE Emp_row Emp_tab%ROWTYPE; /* declare a record matching a row in the Emp_tab table*/Any idea how to implement this in Teradata

UpaMishra 35 posts Joined 01/08
20 Feb 2008

Both %TYPE and %ROWTYPE are used to define variables in PL/SQL as it is defined within the database. If the datatype or precision of a column changes, the program automically picks up the new definition from the database without having to make any code changes. The %TYPE and %ROWTYPE constructs provide data independence, reduces maintenance costs, and allows programs to adapt as the database changes to meet new business needs. **************%TYPE **************%TYPE is used to declare a field with the same type as that of a specified table's column. Example: DECLARE v_EmpName emp.ename%TYPE;BEGIN SELECT ename INTO v_EmpName FROM emp WHERE ROWNUM = 1; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Name = ' || v_EmpName);END;/*************%ROWTYPE *************%ROWTYPE is used to declare a record with the same types as found in the specified database table, view or cursor. Examples: DECLARE v_emp emp%ROWTYPE;BEGIN v_emp.empno := 10; v_emp.ename := 'XXXXXXX';END;/Teradata should provide some way to do that

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