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r04R04 1 post Joined 09/09
16 Sep 2009
Hoe to check which user had deleted data

data in Teredata table has been deleted manually (Not through Informatica Workflows) is there any way to find when and who did the last delete action on that particular table from DBC database in teradata.Any Information on this willl be really helpfull

Rajeev T 7 posts Joined 09/09
20 Sep 2009

Hi,You can find out by using the system tables which maintain the History. USe three tablesdbc.Dbasedbc.DBQLOGTBLand dbc.DBQLSQLTBL(JUst use the joins AS ) INNER JOIN DBC.DBQLSqlTbl ON DBQLogTbl.queryid = DBQLSqlTbl.queryid and DBQLSqlTbl.ProcID=DBQLogTbl.ProcID INNER JOIN DBC.Dbase ON DBQLogTbl.UserID = Dbase.DatabaseIdand put the attributes in the sel statment for what ever you want.HOPE THIS WILL HELP YOU:-)RegardsRajeev T

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
20 Sep 2009

Besides the QueryLog your site might have Access Logging enabled (view dbc.AccessLog).For security related stuff like that Access Logging is the preferred solution, so your DBAs should think about switchin it on for important tables.Dieter


omarsaeed22 17 posts Joined 11/13
25 Feb 2015

Hi Rajeev,
Can you please provide the Script for this.


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