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Shefali 3 posts Joined 02/06
22 Feb 2006
find out the number of nodes in a teradata architecture

How can you find out the number of nodes in a particular teradata database architecture? Is there any query that you can fire to find this out?

SD 5 posts Joined 09/05
28 Feb 2006

Assuming it is a MPRAS installation, run -# cat /ntos/mpplistwill show you the list of nodes for the Teradata DBS and also which node is the PDN.

Barry-1604 176 posts Joined 07/05
01 Mar 2006

Assuming that all of your nodes were functioning yesterday and you have resusage data being captured (and you have access to resusage data), the following query would tell you the number of nodes:select count(distinct NodeID) FROM dbc.ResUsageSPma where Thedate = date - 1;Thanks,Barry

vuduthala 10 posts Joined 12/10
16 Nov 2011

hi i want to know now many hostnodes and hotstandby nodes in my environment is their any query to now from sql assistent

please infrom me

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