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kumar-4110 8 posts Joined 03/07
03 Apr 2007
Encryption or masking of data at DB Level!!!!

Hi All,Does Teradata supports Encryption of data at the database level?Say for instance,i have table in which one of the column contains critical credit card information.I want to mask this column and when someone queries this table or column,it should display with non-printable characters.And when the same column is queried from a particular application(say some GUI interface) it should decrypt the column and show the actual value.E.g 12344555555 ---after masking and when queried,i should show up as ########### or something like ***********Your insight is greatly appreciated,Kumar

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
03 Apr 2007

Masking can be done with a view. Encryption would require a UDF; there are third-party vendors that partner with Teradata to provide such features.

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