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ilyas 10 posts Joined 06/06
17 Jul 2006
e-mail Notifications

I have created some BTEQ scripts. I want to know that if my scripts abort, is it possible for me to send some e-mails through some teradata utility as in oracle we do. Thanks

trying_to_learn 14 posts Joined 08/06
07 Aug 2006

I do not know whether it will work if you put this statement in BTEQ script, but it works if you write a k shell and call your BTEQ script and at the end write this statement, it will send you an mail as soon as it finishes the scriptmail -s "your message" yourmail_id

sparan 19 posts Joined 05/06
16 Aug 2006

you can use .os to generate email from bteq script. Basically it will execute operating system commands in bteq is an example sql1;sql2;.os mailx -s "subject" email_address < file_name as a message-- Sparan

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