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04 Sep 2013
Datamover job fails when comparing DDL between source and target.

A data correction was made to a  table by creating a  _new copy OF the original, Inserting the corrected data,  
then renaming the original to _old and renaming the _new to the current name.
We do this procedure anytime a data correction is made.
I'm having failures on datamover in the DDL compare step.
The DDLs are identical. The process is done frequently but the Datamover failure is rare.  
For example two tables were replaced in the production environment.
2 seperate Datamover jobs failed the next day on DDL compare when copying to dev.
A couple of days later the same two tables were replaced but this time only one of the jobs failed on DDL compare.
A compare using Ultra Edit showed no differences both times.
The Create_timestamp  in DBC.tablesv is the only difference I see.  

Has anyone had this happen?

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24 Apr 2015

setting compare_ddl to false works for me. I believe default is true
<database selection="unselected"><name>TEST</name><compare_ddl>false</compare_ddl>


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