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Sandi 12 posts Joined 10/05
01 Nov 2005
Data retrieval query

Hi all,I want to retrieve last 3 months data from a table,in which datas are loading daily. I have a query but it is retrieving last 3months data + data loaded till current day.But I need only last 3 months data. For example if i am running that job on oct 5 it should retrieve july,august,Sep data. But my SQLquery is retrieving these 3 months data + Oct1,2,3,4 datas also. Please help me to resolve this problem.Thanks ------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------

GreatSushant 12 posts Joined 05/05
08 Mar 2006

To add more on this select current_date;03/08/2006select extract(day from date-1);7select current_date-extract(day from date-1 );03/01/2006select current_date-extract(day from date);02/28/2006I think the last query will give you the correct results

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