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Teradata...Learner 1 post Joined 06/06
20 Jun 2006
advantages of teradata over other databases

i want to know the advantages of teradata over other databases . And also disadvantages,(why 1 organisation should go for teradata and why not?)

koti 3 posts Joined 11/06
26 Jan 2007

Advantages1)Teradata database is Linearly scalable. - We can expand the database capacity by just adding more nodes to the existing database.If the data volume grows we can add more hardware and expand the database capacity.2)Extensive paralell processing - Teradata has a extensive paralell processing capacity,It can handle multiple adhoc requests and many concurrent users.3)Shared nothing architecture - Teradata database has shared nothing architecture,It has high fault tolerance and data protection.Disadvantages1)It is not suitable for small transaction OLTP databases.

NMadson-3173 44 posts Joined 09/06
30 Jan 2007

Disadvantage: Teradata development and DBA resources are harder to come by and therefore more expensive.My opinion - people can learn something about Oracle by reading "Oracle for Dummies" for $20. The cheapest book is Tom Coffing's $85 "Teradata SQL." You can attend a class on Oracle at a community college for $200 - $500. A Teradata seminar costs thousands. (We're paying $1,120/ head to have someone from Coffing's firm come out to lead a four-day seminar.)

Luckyhansh 30 posts Joined 08/06
09 Feb 2007

Teradata is not as open as Oracle in Tech.many key tech is still under the control of Teradata PS,and Teradata is for enterprise application, not as widely used as Oracle or Sybase

18 Feb 2007

It's not really a consideration for enterprise software. Teradata is designed for very high data volumes. If you tried that on Oracle with a $20 Oracle DBA or someone just out of a training course they would be completely at sea. They just wouldn't know how to optimise it for high data volume loads and intense user query. For a database of this size the experienced DBAs for Oracle or DB2 may be as expensive as the DBAs for Teradata although probably more numerous. Companies are choosing Teradata because they perceive it to be better at high volume data warehouse work than the RDBMS products such as Oracle and DB2. Teradata have designed a DW database for fast loading of huge data volumes and fast SQL querying. It is more specialised for DW than Oracle or DB2.

Maanchaala 2 posts Joined 04/07
25 Apr 2007

Single Version of Truth, Parallel aware optimizer, reduces dba activities andGood warehouse incase of huge data...Maintain as DW is not so easy in terms of cost.cheers,Maanchaala

palbiswarup 2 posts Joined 03/09
10 Mar 2009

Dear Sir,Tera Data is comparable to SAP BW?Regards,Biswarup Pal

palbiswarup 2 posts Joined 03/09
10 Mar 2009

Dear Sir,Our Data warehousing size is 1.5 TB and it is increased by around 120 GB/month.We are using SAP BI 7.0 and have Oracle 10G data base and planing to buy SAP BIA.Should we go for TERADATA?Regards,Biswarup Pal

m.tahoon 43 posts Joined 09/11
28 Sep 2013

palbiswarup IMO, size is not the primary factor; it;s more of how data accessed with regard to concurrncy and how complex analytical operation performed and more importantly the expected response time for such workload; there's a big databases >10TB and working fine with oracle in the eyes of the business served.

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