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Collaboration site for Teradata DCM Users to: • Share best practices on how they use the DCM application • Inquire about how other DCM customers are addressing business scenarios with DCM • Share documents on DCM best practices

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Welcome DCM Users Topic by Fred Narduzzi 07 Jan 2015

Hello to all our DCM User Community. Welcome to the new DCM Users Forum web site. Please use this site to post updates, best practices, inquiries etc regarding the DCM Solution.
Thanks, Fred

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Release 4.4 Topic by john_koller_macys 22 May 2015

Below are the defects that Macy's has found during it's testing of 4.4.  The first 41 listed were high severity and we received hotfixes for.  We are waiting on one more hotfix,  I included the sentinal #, so if you have questions on any of these you can contact the support team and request details on the issue.


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Partial Week Pro-Rate Logic Topic by Chris Roundys 03 Apr 2015

Is anyone there anyone currently using the Partial Week Pro-Rate Logic (switch 4640), or have done any testing on it?  Our promos break mid-week and we are trying to determine if this switch is the best way to go moving forward (We currently have it turned on). 
Any insight would be much appreciated. 

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4.5 Topic by carrieplaskas 24 Feb 2015

Is anyone planning to upgrade to 4.5 when it becomes available?
If yes, what is your implementation timing?
Macy's is hoping to install it this fall to take advantage of the new aggregate forecasting feature and improve accuracy on slow sellers.

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Reporting Module Topic by carrieplaskas 24 Feb 2015

Is anyone planning to purchase and implement the new Reporting Module that is available with 4.4?
If yes, when are you planning to install it into your production environment?

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