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Topics related to the Teradata Database, excluding database connectivity (e.g. JDBC) and extensibility (e.g. UDFs) . Typical topics are about SQL syntax and usage (SELECT, GROUP BY etc), database performance, use of database functions, comparison with / migration from Oracle or DB2, and generally why the Teradata Database rocks. For articles, blogs and more, see the Database section of the site.

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TPT load in informatica giving CLI Error Topic by Prabhakar Thangapandi 01 May 2013 tpt, CLI Error, plug-in failed, cli, 220

I am loading Teradata (V13.10.03.08) database using informaticav9.1.0 (with Hotfix1). In Infa, i am using TPT connection.
I have the follwing property on the TPT Connection string used in informatica..
Tenacity 4, Max/Min, 10/10. Sleep 6. Block Size 64000. System Operator: Export.

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Comparing current column with next column and generating values dynamically Topic by NewbieTD 02 Aug 2016
01|xxx    |07:30|16:00 |aaa    |12:00|12:30 |bbb    |13:00|14:00 |null   |null |null
02|yyy    |07:30|16:00 |aaa    |13:00|14:30 |null   |null |null  |null   |null |null
03|zzz    |08:00|17:00 |aaa    |08:00|14:30 |ccc    |12:30|13:00 |ddd    |15:00|16:30
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skew factor Topic by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 27 Aug 2008

hi what is skew factor????? what is the use of that?

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How to check View size in Teradata Topic by rakzrakz 04 Aug 2016 view, table-size

In Teradata DB, generally expectation would be to get the data size for a table, but for my task I need to identify size of a View. This view contains joins from 3 different tables and all I could identify is the count of the View - 757747 records now. Reason behind this is to determine data file size for export and use it in another DB.

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Concatenate, remove space, and convert into multiple records Topic by Prashant_20986 04 Aug 2016

Compare table with spaces in between data, with table without spaces





Table A has three fields: ID, Cd_1, and Cd_2


Fields: Cd_1 or Cd_2 can have spaces between the codes. Below example has space between X and Y in Cd_1



ID  Cd_1  Cd_2

1    X  Y      Z 




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Identify rows that already exist in same dataset and group them by date Topic by mk104 04 Aug 2016

Hi all

I am having some trouble with a big dataset. The dataset is comprised of clients, platforms (its ids), code of platform and Period platform created.
I am trying for each period group to identify whether the clients (count them) existed previously and group them by that period and Platform. Any ideas on how to do that?

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Day Name fuction in Teradata Topic by NK-8995 14 Dec 2009

Hi,Is there any day name function in teradata ,which will fetch me the day name of a week(e.g. Sunday,Monday,etc.) given the dateof the particular day.I don't want to use any teradata System defined tables for thisJust one function for which the input parameter is the date and output is day of Week.Regards,Naba

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Response Row size or Constant Row size overflow Topic by SAP 12 Oct 2014 Response Row size, Constant Row size overflow, Response Row size or Constant Row size overflow

Hi All ,
Please help me on the below mentioned error while just selecting a view
Executed as Single statement. Failed [9804 : HY000] Response Row size or Constant Row size overflow.
Elapsed time = 00:00:00.140
STATEMENT 1: Select Statement failed.
Thanks !!!

9 replies, 3 years ago
sum for trailing 365 days for users Topic by sqlcoder9 03 Aug 2016 Analytical Window Function, # teradata

I'm trying to find the sum of amount for an 'ID' trailing 365 days from the 'DT'. Below is a sample from the data I'm working on. The below table consists of dates when purchase was made , id and the amount. I wanted to calculate amount spent by an id trailing 365 days from the 'DT'. Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Distibution of Small table (rows less than number of amps) to single amp for Performance Topic by RobertDiehl 02 Aug 2016 1-Amp table

There was an old technique where you would make tables with number of rows less than the number of amps distirbute to a singel amp.

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Keeps returning zeros for decimal Topic by c0d3 02 Aug 2016 CAST DECIMAL

Casting as decimal with precision 2, keeps returning 00 after the decimal. How do I actually return values?


column1   hourlycolumn1

----------   ------------------

9797       163.00

358         5.00

265         4.00


select top 10

column1,cast(column1/60 as decimal(6,2)) as "hourlycolumn1"


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Error table in multiload Topic by abhishank18 03 Aug 2016

Can someone explain what sort of data issues will be reported in Multiload application error table ? Uniqueness violations and column length are failing in Acquisition phase for me.

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How to find the Object IDs form DBC where it is stored. Topic by Sankalp.C 30 Mar 2015

How and where Objects are stored and where IDs corresponding to them are stored?

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How to pass uername and password as parameters from a unix shell script to a Fasst Export script? Topic by krishy_td 03 Aug 2016 #FASTEXPORT #FEXP

I'm in need of passing username and password from a unix shell script into a Fast Export script. I'm curently using .RUN FILE option to store the username and password in an external file and use that file in the Fast Export script.
My main unix shell script ( is as follows:

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ODBC: ERROR [42000] Data Type "Account_Num" does not match a Defined Type name. Topic by khawar.ameer 02 Aug 2016 #ODBC, #database #teradata #sql

Dear All,
I am getting the subject error while running following code theough ODBC.

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Multiload Topic by abhishank18 02 Aug 2016

I have below two questions on Multiload:- 

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How to concatenate rows into a varchar parameter in a Stored Procedure? Topic by sharonn 02 Aug 2016 with recursive, stored procedure, parameter



Hi ,

I would like to concatenate a column data (multi rows) into one string inside a Stored Procedure.

I’ve succeeded getting what I want using CTE (with recursive) but I can’t use it in my SP.


Is there a way to use CTE within a Stored Procedure?

If not - Is there a way of achieving that in any other way?



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How to use UTC ?? Topic by Nileshhmali 31 Jul 2016

How to use UTC ??

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How to Enable UTC using TimeDateWZControl cmd Topic by Nileshhmali 01 Aug 2016

I am not able to enable UTC for using below command 
"TimeDateWZControl is set to 2 (enable UTC)

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Multiload Topic by abhishank18 27 Jul 2016

Does Multiload use worktables while performing Delete tasks ? I see two contradicting statements in multiload reference document. Please confirm.

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Calculating min and max column values in Teradata Topic by raindew12 31 Jul 2016 teradata, olap, partition by

I've a data in the following format  -
cust_name , month, isAccountActive
A, jan-15, 1
A, feb-15, 1
A, mar-15, 0
A, apr-15 , 1
A,  may-15, 0
B, jan -15, 0
B, feb-15,1
B, mar-15,1
B, apr-15, 1
My output should look like follows-
cust_name, start_date, Account_active_months
A, jan-15, jan-15 to feb-15

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Aggregate details into summary - case statement Topic by sakthikrr 30 Jul 2016 aggregate, summary, detail, case


We need to summarize the below detail data as expected; but somewhere we are missing something and not getting the proper aggregate. Pls help.


Detailed data:


ID          GSM     LL      Loyalty Points

aaa        ?          ?       100

bbb        200      ?       200

ccc         ?         10     10

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Crosstab query help in Teradata Topic by tmcrouse 29 Jul 2016

I thought using a case statement would work for what I needed but it did not. I wanted to transpose but that is only in SAS as far as I know and I have a table with 888 million rows and that is just not going to work. 888 million because my KeyID is associated with multiple HM's
An example of the data have is:




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Partition Usage Evaluation on a Table Topic by kirthi 29 Jul 2016 #database#PPI

We have a set of tables in production, created with PPI with partition definded on a CHAR (4) column long time back. Now We receive multiple requests throughout the year to add More values to the partition and we are constantly touching the DDL of the Table to modify the partition and the DDL looks really lengthy now.

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Extract and Analyse Database Object Dependencies Topic by Irwing 29 Jul 2016 database object dependency, find objects within view, list of objects, find all objects in view

This post by Ulrich, was where I started out my search on a way to get a summarised report on a complete listing of all the tables and views within a view:

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