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08 Dec 2015
XML Data Type not defined

We are attempting to utilize the new in 14.10 DBQLXMLlocktbl.  We have turned on the feature, so the table is getting populated with data.  Now in an attempt to create the stored procedure  SP_Locklog_Shredder to shred the XML data, we are receiving an error that the XML data type is not defined.  The odd thing is that we only receive this error on our Dev system.  We are able to create this procedure and supporting tables with XML datatype columns on our production system without error.  
Both systems are running the same version of the database as shown below, however, our Production box is an Appliance.
Production system:  2700 Appliance
Dev system: 670 SMP
Both systems are running the same release/version.
Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be turned on to allow the XML data type to be configured/defined or enabled?
I found a couple of DBS Control settings, like XMLMemoryLimit and they are set to the default on both systems.
I found that there is one known DR which affects memory usage by the XMLQUERY and XMLTABLE functions (DR167091). This DR was shipped to TD14.10.4 maintenance release. So, I believe our version is later and therefore it does not apply to us.

Any assistance would be greatly apprecieated.
Thanks in advance,

mikesteeves 46 posts Joined 10/11
08 Dec 2015

Just to clarify further, here is a sample table with a column data type of XML that I can successfully create in Production...


    ID     VARCHAR(30),



However, when I attempt to create this same table in Development I receive the following error.


                 [3706] Syntax error: Data Type "XML" does not match a Defined Type name.


TD Documentation for this specific Message:

3706   Syntax error: %VSTR.


The request contains a syntax error. ’%VSTR’ identifies the approximate location of the error or identifies the syntax problem.

Generated By:  

SYN modules.

For Whom:  

End User.


The failure parcel INFO field contains the character position of the error location in the request parcel.

In addition to syntax errors, this error message may also indicate a problem such as: duplicate index or constraint names, misspelled function names or function parameters, or cast to an invalid or non-existent data type.


Correct the syntax and resubmit the request.



dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
09 Dec 2015

XML must be installed, in TD14.10 this should be a DIP-script:
19. DIPXML     - XML Data Type
Ask your DBA to run it.


mikesteeves 46 posts Joined 10/11
10 Dec 2015

Dieter, you are da Man!  Thanks for being so helpful and generous with your knowledge as always!

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