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GreatSushant 12 posts Joined 05/05
21 Feb 2006
Why the follwing query is getting locked

select this.Job_Id as Job_Id0_, this.Label as Label0_, this.Description as Descript3_0_, this.User_Name as User_Name0_, this.Active_Ind as Active_Ind0_, this.Job_Event_Key as Job_Even6_0_, this.Group_Label as Group_La7_0_, this.Completion_Event_Ind as Completi8_0_, this.Schedule_Id as Schedule9_0_, this.Job_Status_Id as Job_Sta10_0_ from Tablename this where 1=1 Suppose i have the query given as above and is getting locked every time i had generated the explain plan1) First, we lock a distinct databasename."pseudo table" for read on a RowHash to prevent global deadlock for databasename.this. 2) Next, we lock databasename.this for read. 3) We do an all-AMPs RETRIEVE step from databasename.this by way of an all-rows scan with a condition of ("1 = 1") into Spool 1 (group_amps), which is built locally on the AMPs. The size of Spool 1 is estimated with high confidence to be 112 rows. The estimated time for this step is 0.06 seconds. 4) Finally, we send out an END TRANSACTION step to all AMPs involved in processing the request. -> The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.06 seconds.

TD_Arch 35 posts Joined 07/05
22 Feb 2006

Not sure as to what is the question that you want to ask. Can you elaborate?

GreatSushant 12 posts Joined 05/05
23 Feb 2006

See every time this query is only getting locked since during the single user operation also here if i want to get rid from this locking issue what step should i perform

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