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pmehrotr 16 posts Joined 12/13
15 Dec 2013
Why teradata does not give access to statistics views in dbc by default?

I come from Oracle backgrond. In Oracle if you have access to your database, you can look in user_tables and user_indexes to see last analyzed to find when statistics was run on a table or index.
In teradata even though I have access to look at tablesX, indiciesX, databasesX I do not have access to look at statistics  views such as TableStatsX, ColumnStatsX. I think by default tredata is not giving access dbc.tvfields  or so … I can collect statistics  on my table columns but I cannot look at the stasitics, why?
What privilges I need on dbc to look at statistics. Thanks  a lot.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
15 Dec 2013

What is your TD release?
You can always get detailed stats for a table using HELP STATS table plus HELP STATS table COLUMN xy up to 13.10 and SHOW STATS VALUES ON table in 14.
Which system views you can use is based on your DBA, you better might ask him.


Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
16 Dec 2013

Similar to all other DBs like oracle, ms sql, sybase etc, you have the rights. You can have a look at dbc.StatsTbl.  If you don't see any DB object, you contact the DBA.
In oracle, you can have user-, all-, dba- indexes. So it depends on restrictions of DBA as you know you come from oracle background.

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