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Rice 2 posts Joined 12/10
17 Dec 2010
Why does execution not run all statements?

I am using Teradata SQL Assistant 12. I have an sql query consisting of 26 steps - 13 create table select statements with a drop table statement before each. Sometimes, but not always, when I execute the query it will run the first 3 steps and stop. It does not error, nor does it tell me it did not execute the entire code. It does this whether or not I highlight the sql first. I can execute each step manually, but that is a royal pain. Occasionally it will execute the entire code. Why is it doing this?

WAQ 158 posts Joined 02/10
21 Dec 2010

First of all you need to terminate each statement with ; sign.
Secondly in SQL Assistant go to tools -> options -> query tab and check 'Submit only the selected query text, when highlighted'

Rice 2 posts Joined 12/10
03 Jan 2011

I've already done both to no avail. Any other suggestions?

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