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15 Nov 2013
Who aborted the session/query?

I want to know who aborted a particular query or session.
Got a pointer towards same from Dieter's post in the forum, and query is:

SELECT TheDate, TheTime, Event_Tag,

      Category, Severity, PMA, VProc, "PARTITION", Task,

      TheFunction,    CAST(TEXT AS VARCHAR(2000)), Line

       FROM DBC.Software_Event_LogV

     WHERE TheDate   = DATE

      AND Event_Tag = 340326500

 ORDER BY thedate DESC, thetime DESC, line;


My question is what is the Event_Tag column?Is this specific to a particular type of event,say aborting a query or session,or unique tag associated with each instance of an event?

Where can we get the event_tag value for our query or session?


Can someone provide some info on this?


Thanks in Advance!!


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