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rupert160 131 posts Joined 09/10
16 Jan 2014
which standard is used for REGEX regular expression functions in TD14.10

I'm want to confirm what regex standard is used for TERADATA's 14.10 database engine,
There's POSIX, basic, extended, emacs/perl/python varieties but I couldn't find a good reference two exactly what is used. I see that matches don't require escaping parenthesis making me think it's extended regex, but I've seen [:word:] POSIX style also...

veehell 19 posts Joined 07/12
17 Jan 2014

I tried to find out what standard TD14.10 is using, i just found it is ANSI SQL 2008 compliant.  Which i found have to be POSIX standard for ERE. 
I checked other vendors (Oracle) and they have POSIX-ERE with some PCRE extenstions. The [:word:] is POSIX non-standard, but some implementations of regexp are understanding it. 


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