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Malvi Jaggi 4 posts Joined 09/11
18 Sep 2011
What is the difference between a YNET and BYNET?

Hi ,

What is  the difference between BYNET and YNET. Is YNET still a part of current Teradata Systems?




18 Oct 2011


Teradata NooB.

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
18 Oct 2011

The YNET was the hardware interconnect & sorting solution in the DBC 1012.

The BYNET is software solution, based on the YNET.

In other words: YNET was the BYNET's grandfather ;-)



Woody 16 posts Joined 10/09
28 Oct 2011

The "B".


heh heh.  Come on.  As you read this, you know you wanted to say it. . . .

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