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Gurunathan 9 posts Joined 09/09
05 Nov 2009
What is spool space in teradata? explain with examples.

What is spool space in teradata? explain with examples.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
05 Nov 2009

Short question, short answer : RTFMDieter


mahesh mankala 11 posts Joined 03/08
23 Dec 2009

unused permspace will be used as the spoolspace in the system. this is used to hold the intermittent results of the queries and volatile tables.

irfan098 10 posts Joined 07/11
30 Oct 2011

We have a rule i.e if a query takes more than one terabyte of spool we are supposed to abort it.

My question is lets say the total spool is used by a query , what is the expected behavior of the system , will the system restart or what can happen?


Next question is related to the 1st line ; If we have around 10 terabyte of spool , is this logical to abort the query that has just crossed 1tb of spool. i thnk we should allow it more spool that can be up to 9tb or so if there are no other sessions. Please provide your analysis on the above cases ,


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