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ragav 19 posts Joined 05/06
17 Jul 2007
What is index join confidence

Hi All, I have a huge query which joins three tables by left join on NUPI. when i run the explain plan i get the word index join confidence. I just need to know whether the optimizer is using mu NUPI for the query or not. Please help...

chand308 17 posts Joined 01/11
11 Oct 2012

Even I am trying to understand what the meaning of the term "index join confidence".
It will be great if any of the Teradata Gurus can explain if this is good confidence level.

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
12 Oct 2012

You see the 'Index Join Confidence' clause when the join condition contains unique undexes...

suresh1802 8 posts Joined 10/12
16 Oct 2012

Hi Ragav,
Index join confidence will appear in instances when an index (with or without statistics) is present on one side of the join but no index or statistics are on the other side.
pls refer for confidence levels:

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