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06 Oct 2006
what is diff stats on coln and Index.

Hi All, What is the differnce between Collecting Stats on a Column and Collecting Stats on Index, which is created on the same colneg... say coln emp_no is having Index on it...Hence, what is the diffence when we are collecting statistics on coln emp_no and collecting statistics on Index of emp_no....Waiting for reply.....Regards...

GogulM 32 posts Joined 08/06
06 Oct 2006

Hi,Collecting statistics on a group of columns that are already indexed will only have the statistics of the index .collect stat statements on the particular column against the same group ofcolumns, stores only the stats about the particular column only. if its a grouped index only then u can easily see the diff but if u see for the single column index then you wont find the difference.both the collect stats on index and column will give the same stats only


XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
26 Oct 2006

HiThe question you need to ask is whcih column will I be accessing the most and Collect Stats on them. It is alos a very good idea to collect stats on ALL index columns, especially on the UPI NUPI.


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