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28 Jun 2012
What are the General roles & responsibilities of a TERADATA DEVELOPER

Hi all

Am done with some trainings on teradata. am still giving some reading.


I want to know the roles and responsibilities of a Teradata Developer with 3 - 5 years of experience.Would be helpful for my preperation.



Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
29 Jun 2012



In which context are you asking that? As a future developer, or for certifications?


Regards, Adeel


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Sunny445 14 posts Joined 06/12
05 Jul 2012

I was asking in the context of future developer , who can work more as a teradata developer and less as an Informatica developer.

What would be the major roles and responsibilities of a teradata dev


what all does a teradata developer need to do when he works with informatica


Thanks Adeel

19 Nov 2012
  • As Teradata developer, responsible for maintaining all DBA functions (development, test, production) in operation 24×7.
  • Performance tuning, including collecting statistics, analyzing explains & determining which tables needed statistics. Increased performance by 35-40% in some situations.
  • Multiload, BTEQ, created & modified databases, performed capacity planning, allocated space, granted rights for all objects within databases, etc
  • Moved databases between machines.
  • Installed patch sets and upgraded Teradata.
  • Automated data warehousing and datamart refreshes using Transportable table space option.
  • Worked on creating and managing the partitions.
  • Performed database health checks and tuned the databases using Teradata Manager.
  • Deliver new and complex high quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements and Creating and managing user accounts.
  • Installed Teradata drivers for the teradata utilities.
  • Refreshed the data by using fastexport and fastload utilities.
  • Used Teradata Administrator and Teradata Manager Tools for monitoring and control the system.
  • Creating and modifying MULTI LOADS for Informatica using UNIX and Loading data into IDW.
  • Loading data from various data sources and legacy systems into Teradata production and development warehouse using BTEQ, FASTEXPORT, MULTI LOAD, FASTLOAD and Informatica.
  • With the in-depth expertise in the Teradata cost based query optimizer, identified potential bottlenecks with queries from the aspects of query writing, skewed redistributions, join order, optimizer statistics, physical design considerations (PI and USI and NUSI and JI etc) etc. In-depth knowledge of Teradata Explain and Visual Explain to analyze and improve query performance.
  • Working as an On-Site Teradata Lead DBA, doing DBA activities that are Implementation of data and table-level security, setting up access rights and space rights for Teradata environment. Performance tuning, Monitoring and reporting Review system utilization by user.
  • Acted as a liaison between the offshore and onsite teams.


Sam Johnson 1 post Joined 02/16
08 Feb 2016

These are the typical responsibilities of terdata developer.

Proficient in writing SQL - Simple/Medium/Complex SQL's - this is the key, Needs to have strong navigation in both 3NF and Star Schemas (denormalized)

Basic Operation knowledge of UNIX...

Table Loads, Updates, Inserts, DDL - Teradata DB2/Oracle (We are not looking for Teradata/DBA but SQL developer/programmer), you can also visit here

Must Have: Able to debug complicated codes, recommends the fixes required and fix also. Data Analysis is key.

Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and implementation, Support activities.

Perform Unit and Integration Testing Activities


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