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RWER 1 post Joined 01/15
04 Jan 2015
we do a merge into table TABLE1 from spool 12345

Hi Everyone!
I am doing an insert my table and I monitoring my execution with viewpoint I see a step 5 'we do a merge into table TABLE1 from spool 12345' 
its estimated time 00:00:01.000 and est. rows 123841160 but it continues approximately 10 hours.
what is problem?
I do same process for other tables there is no problem they finishes quickly about 5 seconds
Thank you...

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
04 Jan 2015

There's a 99% probabilty that the target is a SET table with a bad Primary Index (usually defaulted to 1st column) and there are lots of rows per PI-value.


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