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abhi_pn 14 posts Joined 02/14
24 Feb 2014
*** Warning: EOF on INPUT stream.

I am executing bteqs from command prompt.
I am calling a file at the start which contains credentials (by using .RUN FILE command in the bteq).
So whenever I am running the bteqs, its throwing  " *** Warning: EOF on INPUT stream. " warning.
But the control is not coming out of bteq as its still running.
My concerns are,
1.will I have any data loss or truncation in target.
2.What may be the reason behind it?
Thanks In Advance,

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
25 Feb 2014

It's strictly an informational message, letting you know that BTEQ has switched back to reading commands from stdin. Just ignore that the text contains the word "warning".

jinli 10 posts Joined 11/12
28 Feb 2014

and if you want to exit bteq by skipping the warning after your run-file executed, please add any of the followings at the end of your run-file script --
.quit errorcode
.exit errorcode

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