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07 Sep 2016
volatile tables inside the stored procedure



I have the following two questions please:


1) While creating a volatile talbe inside a stored procedure : it needs to be created first outside the SP and then again inside. I am doing this for 2 tables. The errors are now coming up as warnings. I ignored them as i could read successfully from these tables. Anything i am missing and should be worried about? 


SPL5000:W(L16), E(3803):Table 'GLOBAL_VAR' already exists.

SPL5000:W(L145), E(3803):Table 'all_apps' already exists.


2) When I create the table outside the procedure, does it have to have the exact columns as the table I would be creating inside the procedure? I am wondering if i can create all_apps outside the SP with a basic simple query - create table all_apps as SELECT  '2013-01-01' AS report_start  and then have the  real and lengthier 50 line query inside the SP to create all_apps.


Thanks in advance. 


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