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Alistair 14 posts Joined 08/08
07 Jul 2009
Volatile Tables And Statistics

Am I correct in thinking that you can't collect statistics on VTs in TD12 ? I thought I'd read you could but the manuals say you can't.Thanks

visakhcr 46 posts Joined 11/07
07 Jul 2009

Statistics cannot be collected on a Volatile table.From Teradata Documentation:5341 Volatile table "%VSTR" not allowed in statement. Explanation: The user submits a statement that is not allowed to access a volatile table. Currently, volatile tables are not allowed to be referenced in the following statements/utilities: Collect/Drop Statistics Alter Table Grant/Revoke Locking statements Fastload Multiload Generated By: RES modules. For Whom: End User. Remedy: Don't use volatile table in current statement.


robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
10 Jul 2009

You can collect stats on global temporary tables. If your SQL and volatile table usage would benefit from statistics being present, you may want to consider switching to global temporary tables instead.

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