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Paulo2007 3 posts Joined 07/07
20 Jul 2007
Variables and Bteq

How can I do to declare variable into bteq like a MLOAD?Exemple: With the mload utility I make:.ACCEPT VARIABLE1, VARIABLE2FROM FILE FILE_XXXX;

30 Oct 2007

I dont think there is this ability.You might try a shell script or a piece of perl code. Like you can read a value file into a variable, generate your BTEQ script in a temp file, and execute it.

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famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
30 Oct 2007

Paulo2007,I usually separate the Teradata load and unload utilities into 3 groups:Multiload, Fastexport and Tpump: Although each of these tools have their own set of commands, they have also a common set of command that work identical for the 3 tools. This is the case of ".ACCEPT" command. The commands syntax is common to 3 as well.Fastload: Has its own set of commands and its own syntax.Bteq: Has its own set of commands and its own syntax.Good luck!



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