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enigmaderockz 1 post Joined 06/14
26 Jun 2014
VARCHAR or CHAR columns not appearing in answersheet

whenever i run any query in terdadata, i am getting blank result in columns having VARCHAR or CHAR data type. using windows 7.  please help if anyone have idea. not able to understand why CHAR values are not showing in the answersheet result?
2nd issue: when i generate query from any table under view database explorer, double quotes are coming with column names. want to remove all the double quotes so that i can run the query directly after generating?

samsku2 2 posts Joined 07/14
02 Jul 2014

I am also getting similer problem while executing any sql query.
VARCHAR and CHAR values are not appearing in answersheet. Please help.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
02 Jul 2014

Post additional information; for example the Teradata Database version, the name of the Tool and the version, the name of the driver and version. For example Teradata Database, Terdata SQL Assistant version 14.11 and the .NET Data Provider version 15.0.

samsku2 2 posts Joined 07/14
03 Jul 2014

Thanks for asking detailes.
Database: Informix 11.50.0
Tool: Teradata SQL Assistant 14.01.
ODBC Driver: IBM Informix ODBC Driver (32 bit)

krajkumar 1 post Joined 07/14
11 Jul 2014

I am also facing the same problem. We are using Teradata 14.01 one running in windows XP and other in windows 2007.  In windows XP environmnet we are able to see the data on columns which are defined as VARChar but in windows 2007 it dispaly as a blank character.  Do we need to do special configuration for windows 2007?

anithaaa 2 posts Joined 09/14
30 Sep 2014

hi krajkumar,
I am also facing this problem. Has anybody resolved it? how can it be resolved. I am alos using Win 7 and Teradata 14.01. Please advice

anithaaa 2 posts Joined 09/14
30 Sep 2014

How the issue resolve. Please post the answer.

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