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cod4eva 1 post Joined 03/09
11 May 2009
Valid query or not???

UPDATE = ( subquery returning a single value );I'm using a Teradata V2R6.1 , is this a valid query??when executing such a query, i get an error stating

gander_ss 74 posts Joined 02/07
11 May 2009

Can u post the exact quey ?

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
11 May 2009

You are probably trying an oracle syntax that doesn't work on will have to try something like this ...UPDATE AFROM TblA A, (subquery returning a single value) BSET cola = B.colBWHERE A.keya = ??;if you hit on some perf issues (check the plans etc ...) you might want to revisit how the subquery itself is formulated , (So that optimizer ALSO knows that the subquery can return only one value.

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