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Rahzz 4 posts Joined 04/14
06 Aug 2014
User not listed in DBC.UsersV

Some of the users I am creating are not getting listed in DBC.usersV but listed in DBC.databasesV only.
Why I am not able to view user in UsersV?
Requesting your help here
Thanks in advance

cmedved 24 posts Joined 02/14
06 Aug 2014
DBC.UsersV shipped with the code of a typical "VX" view restricted to showing only the current user... at least for our 13.10 site. We made a Users view without the restricting code in another database for convenience.

Rahzz 4 posts Joined 04/14
07 Aug 2014

Thanks for your reply .
I have privilege to view all the users.
while i am selecting information  DBC.UsersV contains 193 users, but DBC.databasesV contains 251 databases with DbKind= U.
 59 users are not listed in DBC.UsersV.Why these users listed as database only not as users?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
07 Aug 2014

You need to be an owner of a user or the DROP USER right to see them in dbc.UsersV


Rahzz 4 posts Joined 04/14
07 Aug 2014

Thanks for your fast reply Dieter.
I checked and found that I dont have CREATE/DROP User privilege on these users.
Tanks for your help.

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