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03 Oct 2011
User Defined Function/Procedure

Hello there,


                   Been playing with Teradata express on my desktop and I have been trying to create a, external user defined stored proc in C and attaching it to an internal Stored Proc. For some reason it is not liking the syntax on the external name. I have tried every which way I could and even placed the source C code in the directory where the Database files exist but it still complains with following error:-

             Replace Procedure Failed [112001] Source code for UDF or External Stored Procedure must reside on the Teradata Server.

Here is the statement that creates the stored proc:-


                        REPLACE PROCEDURE L888F.sqlxspex()

                        LANGUAGE C

                        MODIFIES SQL DATA

                        PARAMETER STYLE SQL

                        EXTERNAL NAME 'SP!CLI!CS!sqlxspex!c:\Program Files\Teradata\sqlExp.c';

         I have tried the following too with no success:-

                       EXTERNAL NAME 'CS!sqlxspex!c:\Program Files\Teradata\sqlExp.c';

   Would really appreciate it if someone out there can find the problem with the syntax and possibly offer a solution.




Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
11 Oct 2011



Seems fine, can you share the code files which may have any issue?


Regards, MAC

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