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ravishetye 4 posts Joined 04/14
07 Apr 2014
usage of ^ in logical conditions

One of our customers provided us their teradata workload for analysis.
There are queries like

SELECT  t1.c1  
, CASE WHEN t1.c2 = '1213845' 
AND ^ ( t1.c3 ) IS NULL 
AND ( t1.c4 = t1.c5 
	OR t1.c4 = t1.c6 ) THEN 1 
from t1

We are not able to parse this query since we expected "^" in the conditions in our grammar.

Can some one please validate if the usage ^ is correct or not.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
07 Apr 2014

^ is an issue. Maybe you can double check with the customers if ^ is a typo mistake. In unix it is the match of beginning of a string or line. Business folks can talk in theri own lingo who knows . However it is always close to technology :).

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dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
07 Apr 2014

"^" is a logical NOT, a leftover of Teradata's query language before SQL, Tequel.


ravishetye 4 posts Joined 04/14
08 Apr 2014

Thanks dnoeth, Our customer is more than 60 years old company, so the Tequel connection might just make sense.


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