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jhaamresh 3 posts Joined 07/12
23 Jan 2014
Urgent : Latin to Unicode character conversion- Please help

We have some old tables which has Unicode data(Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc..)  but with table defination as Latin for all columns, Which shows in BO report as Junk/ Unreadable character. Now we are trying to add new columns with character set as Unicode using alter statements. The approach we are following is
 1. Add new UNICODE column using alter statments

ALTER TABLE <table name> ADD <existing col name>_UNC VARCHAR(50) CHARACTER SET UNICODE;

 2. Copy data from existing column to new column with translate function

UPDATE <table name> SET <col name>_unc=TRANSLATE(CAST(<col name>  AS VARCHAR(50)) USING LATIN_TO_UNICODE);

But this approach doesn't solve our issue.
Please suggest how best this issue can be handled in Teradata.
Thank you,

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
23 Jan 2014

Can you explain how you managed to store the unicode data in the latin columns?
Did you check the WITH ERROR option of the translate function?

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Deb_Tdforum 1 post Joined 12/12
23 Jan 2014

It is not throwing any error, but couldn't load data in Unicode format.

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
23 Jan 2014

what is your session setting of your BO query? It has to be unicode as well.

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Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
28 Jan 2014

Are you certain the data you want was actually stored in the LATIN column? It may have been translated to error replacement '1A'xc on loading. Verify what is actually stored using CHARTOHEXINT() function.

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