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udaymenon 2 posts Joined 07/13
24 Jul 2013
Untranslatable character at any position in a field.

Hello i have a problem where users are inserting some Unicode characters into a description field in  frontend which is being rejected as "Untranslatable characters" in teradata. The source seems to be some UTF16 or UTF32 in oracle.
We have Teradata 13.1 and cannot convert to UTF16 or 32
Have used the Translate check function to find out the untraslatable characters in the data.
Like to know is there anyway we can ignore untrasnlatable characters in  the description and load the rest of the description ?
for eg if this is description field  "This is the product used by ####. Needs to shipped today" and "####" is the untranslatable characters can we anyway load "This is the product used by . Needs to shipped today" ignoring the untranslatable characters.
Untranslatable characters can come at any position in the description field.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
24 Jul 2013

did you check the TRANSLATE function and checked the WITH ERROR option?

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udaymenon 2 posts Joined 07/13
25 Jul 2013

Thanks Ulrich,
TRANSLATE funtion and WITH ERROR option did the trick. Atlease i could insert data into the UNICODE table but those characters do showup. But i dont care as far was i am able to insert data into the table.
Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.

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