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super25 19 posts Joined 07/11
17 Sep 2011
Understanding Spool Space

Need some clarity on spool space allocation.

1. Lets say i have a user "user1" has a perm space 100gb and spool space 500gb (shared between 10 users) and user1 has access to a database DB1 which has 500gb of spool space. In this case what is the ceiling spool space this user has while querying the database DB1?

I am assuming user1 has unused perm space of DB1and user1+unused spool space of DB1 and user1 as total spool space for user1, am i correct? Please let me know if i am missing.


2. If i am creating profile for a group of users which has spool space of 500gb does that over write any spool space setting defined for any database these users query and spool assigned to the database in which these users reside?

octavianidevi 1 post Joined 05/11
04 Oct 2011

Answer no1.

Once you define the spool space 500Gb, then the maximum spool space is 500Gb. If you don't define the spool space than the maximum spool space equal to perm space or the unused perm space.

rupert160 131 posts Joined 09/10
16 Apr 2012

dbc.UsersV will give you your spool space adjusted for your profile (if you have one, likely you will). This is your limit of spool (and temp) space.

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