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Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
11 Jul 2015
Understanding BLC features

I have few questions on BLC(Block Level Compression):

a) Can a table be partially compressed using BLC and partially

remain uncompressed?If this is true, how to know if 

a table is partially compressed using BLC.


b) Does stats collection on a table compressed using BLC

take more CPU and IO resources than the equivalent uncompressed table?


Can someone answer and  help me understand.


Thanks in Advance

arpitsinha 13 posts Joined 06/15
13 Jul 2015

A)See below link hope it will help.
Compression in Teradata - by Carrie Ballinger (Orange Book)
I read it on one of the orange book.

B).Statistics collection in general will get somewhat longer and will require more CPU when issued against a compressed table.


Regards, Arpit

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