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quest 20 posts Joined 12/09
23 Jan 2013
unable to run query in Teradata Studio Express while being used in VMware player


This is regarding Teradata Studio Express being used in VMware player.


I am trying to execute a query but unable to do so. Instead, i am facing following issue.


I get "Unable to Launch" pop up window with following message.

" The selection cannot be launched, and there are no recent launches"




eramsaier 2 posts Joined 02/13
06 Feb 2013

I'm having the same issue. Is there a resolution?

regula 1 post Joined 02/13
22 Feb 2013

Facing the same issue, any guidence please?


AnilCGowda 3 posts Joined 12/04
17 Apr 2013

You should not be using "Run" command (Ctrl+F11) to execute the SQL statements in the SQL scrapbook.
Instead, select the query line which you want to execute and use "Alt+S" (Execute current text) to execute that line of code.
To execute all lines of code in the SQL scrapbook, use "Ctrl+Alt+S" (Execute All)

mario17 6 posts Joined 01/15
08 Jan 2015

OMG, that so weird, what is the diff between RUN and execute Curr text,  I just started looking at TD and this studio bit hard to operate...

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