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17 Jul 2005
Unable to login througj BTEQ

HI, I have recently installed Teradata Demo CD on my Windows XP (SP2). Teradata installed properly on my system and I am able to connect to Database through SQL assistant. However I am facing problem while loggin on the Database through BTEQ. Entry in my host file is127.0.0.1 localhost DemoTDATcop1The Command that I have used to logon is.logon DemoTDATcop1/dbcand .logon localhost/dbcin both the cases i get the error message "BADLOGON(303) Invalid Logon String."Please Help.

Manik 7 posts Joined 07/06
17 Jul 2006

Hi Dennis and Daniel,Your replies have really helped me in logging into BTEQ AND FastLoad.I have modified the entry in my hosts file as follows127.0.0.1 localhost DemoTDAT DemoTDATcop1 ak akcop1Hence I am able to logon to BTEQ and FastLoad by using the following command.LOGON AK/DBC;Then I am prompted for passwordDBC;I am using the demo V2R5 on Windows XP.However, when I try to logon to MultiLoad using the same format, I get the following message LOGON;0001 .LOGON;**** 20:50:14 UTY6214 Reminder: A .Logtable statement must be entered for a successful logon.Please advice me what could be the problem and it's possible solution.Thanks in advance,Manik

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Jul 2006

Hi Manik,MessagesChapter 17: Client UTYUTY-Series Messages"UTY6214 Reminder: A .Logtable statementmust be entered for a successful logon.Explanation: The .Logon and .Logtable statementsmust both be entered for a successful connect to theDBC. This is an informational message only.Generated By: UMBSTMLGRemedy: Make sure that the .Logtable statement isentered."Dieter


nishi 8 posts Joined 11/06
20 Jul 2007

Does anybody know how to identify which node was assigned to our request from the pool of box1, box2 etc Nodes?Thanks,Nishi

tdice 55 posts Joined 01/11
15 Nov 2011

i can see only " localhost" in my host file. How to login.

i tried to login using .logon ***.***.**.**/username


but getting error CLI 224.


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