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gfuller40 24 posts Joined 05/10
04 Jan 2012
Trying to get correct rank order

Hello -

I have the following subquery that I'm looking to rank correctly. I'm trying group or rank by Status then by cov_eff_dt(oldest). So ideally status would rank one unless there is no status in which case date would rank 1 then blank status 2.


--Ranking query to  rank active over termed and only take termed if no active.
create volatile table MinCovEffDts as(
sel indiv_agrmt_id
       ORDER BY  Status, cov_eff_dt) AS RankVal
from CovEffDts
group by  indiv_agrmt_id
where indiv_agrmt_id in ('LAC657150','LNC620450') 
) with data
PRIMARY INDEX (indiv_agrmt_id)
on commit preserve rows
ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
04 Jan 2012

I am not sure that I understand your requirement corrently. Can you give us some examples data with your expected results?

Why do you group by here? Shouldn't be needed...

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