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jswilson64 2 posts Joined 07/15
09 Jul 2015
Troubleshooting TDWM error messages

I am a Teradata user rather than developer. My team uses SAS (9.4, windows desktop SAS) to access Teradtata (version 14) via the SAS SQL pass-through.  In the past few months we have begun receiving errors from Teradata similar to these:

ERROR: Teradata row not delivered (trget): TDWM Throttle violation for Concurrent Queries: For Rule Name 'WD_STANDARD_SHORT', Limit of 17 concurrent requests for Workload Class FastFail.


ERROR: Teradata execute: TDWM Throttle violation for Concurrent Queries: For Rule Name 'WD_STANDARD_VERY_LONG', Limit of 10 concurrent requests for Workload Class FastFail.


Our Teradata database administrators agree that this appears to be a 3151 error:

3151   TDWM Throttle violation for Concurrent Queries: %VSTR

Explanation: This error occurs if a query request is aborted by Teradata TDWM for a Throttle rule violation. Check currently active Teradata TDWM rules.

However, the Teradata team insists that they have changed the TDWM rules so that queries are not aborted by the TDWM, but put into the delay queue.  Security settings prevent me from viewing the the TDWM rules database on our site so I have no way of verifiying this. 
Assuming our database administrators are correct, is there any way Teradata would return the error messages above if my queries were not aborted by the workload manager?  Our database administrators are working on this problem from their end, but my team of analysts supports about 30 users who are receiving this error multiple times daily. If there is anything I can do to help, I am willing to try.

gregoryham 1 post Joined 01/14
09 Jul 2015

It appears that the Workload Level Throttle for workload definition WD_STANDARD_SHORT is set to REJECT any queries over 17.  The abort and error can be avoided if the option of REJECT is set to DELAY.  
This can be done through Viewpoint and the Workload Designer Portlet.  A DBA will need to edit the current ruleset by going into the Workloads and selecting WD_STANDARD_SHORT.  Once there, click on Throttles.  Make sure that the Default and all throttle settings in all Planned Environments and Health Conditions are set to DELAY and not REJECT.  Do this for WD_STAND_VERY_LONG as well.

sksripada 1 post Joined 04/15
14 Jul 2015

This is because of an override option by the client driver which says to reject the requests if it encounters a delay. DBSControl internal parameter 311 DisableFastFail should be set to TRUE to not reject the queries. The default is set to FALSE. When you change it to TRUE, they will not be rejected anymore

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